About Us

Started in 1999 as a chat list for enthusiastic Rottweiler owners and fans on the now defunct servers of fivegroups and OneList (anyone remember them?!) and now firmly established as the largest Rottweiler Chat list at Yahoogroups, the largest mailing list/chat group provider!

We've since started a sister list for the rescue side of things and would suggest you also join that group if you can help network rescue Rotties urgently needing new homes or saving via a rescue group/foster.

We're also now networking the rescues on Twitter - please also join us there and help us crosspost to as many people as possible.

The links for the various groups are:

The Rott-n-kids Rottweilers Chat Group (general chat/photos etc) - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Rott-n-kids/

The Rescue Group Mailing List (to list rescues available and for anyone looking for a rescue Rott) - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Rott-n-kidsRottweilerRescue/

Twitter (lists rescues - please friend us and crosspost) - https://twitter.com/RottieRescue

You can contact us via any of the groups above (as a member).

October 2018