We Have Rottweilers Now

Humour » We Have Rottweilers Now

My feet are covered with sores and marks
My nerves are shattered from sudden barks.
My wallet's empty from paying the vet,
and those Rotties are eating me into debt.

I sit down to rest in my favorite chair
And quick as a flash, the Rotties are there.
They've hauled off my shoes and chewed up my pipe,
But act so damned hurt, if I venture to gripe.

I rise in the morning, the new day to greet,
To find a Rottweiler standing firm on my feet.
I trip over another as I'm combing my hair,
While the puppy pulls hard at my underwear.

My fresh cup of coffee is now on the rug,
'Cause the bitch gave my arm a sweet playful tug.
I'd pour me another , but sure as can be,
The rotties would dump it all over me.

Please believe me people, it's darn hard to write,
While my had still hurts from the last loving bite.
The puppy is sneaking up in my lap,
While the one on my feet is down for a nap.

So to Hell with home life as it used to be,
And to Hell with quiet evenings with my family,
And to Hell with the money I'd spend anyhow!
Who needs them all........We've got Rottweilers now!

Author Unknown