You Know You Have Too Many Dogs When........

Humour » You Know You Have Too Many Dogs When........

1. When you have more grass in your driveway than in your backyard.

2. When your neighbors find ANY dog running loose and automatically bring it to your house.

3. When you want to watch TV and you have to sit on the floor because all of the furniture is "occupied".

4. When it takes you longer to wash your dogs' dishes than your own.

5. When you have to use a wash tub for a water dish.

6. When you have to run an obstacle course to get to the phone.

7. When you see one of your dogs doing something bad (like chewing something up or leaving a "dog deposit" on the rug) and you have to run through the entire list of dogs' names in order to yell at the right one and by then it is too late.

8. When the haz-mat team comes to your house on trash day to handle the "deposits" that you have placed in your trash can.

9. When you have all of your dogs in the back seat of your car and it automatically changes lanes when they move to the other side of the car.

10. When you NEVER go anywhere for a vacation because it costs more to kennel your dogs than to go to Hawaii.

11. When you have an extension on your king-sized bed so you all fit.

12. When Iams/Eukanuba makes home deliveries.

13. When you move your bedroom into the garage and put a king and queen sized bed together so all of your dogs can sleep with you.

14. When you can't remember all of your dogs' names and just call them by colors.... 'black dog'.

15. When you take your dogs for a run in the park and people think it is a dog show. [more like a 3-ring circus!!!]